IPLock [IPL-010L]

IPLock [IPL-010L]
IPLock [IPL-010L] IPLock [IPL-010L]
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IP Lock is FPGA logic security system which used very reliable AES encryption technology. IP properties in FPGA are protected from illegal copy ​by only including IP Lock in FPGA and connecting with encryption controller chip. more detail






Easy to start from Laboratories pack [IPL-010L]

Suitable for Prototype or Small lot Usage

Laboratories pack [IPL-010L] contains encryption chips 10pcs which are already written unique ID at shipment by Design Gateway. No one can rewrite this fixed ID key. To avoid duplication, each Laboratories pack have different unique ID key, so user must use IP Lock core with encryption chips in same package.  This product is suitable for prototype and small lot usage.

Contents of Laboratories pack:

  • - Encryption chip 10pcs
  • - CD-ROM
    • - IP Lock core for Altera FPGA
    • - IP Lock core for Xilinx FPGA
    • - VHDL example source code
    • - User Manual(PDF)
  • - User Manual


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