IPLock [IPL-003WR]

IPLock [IPL-003WR]
IPLock [IPL-003WR] IPLock [IPL-003WR] IPLock [IPL-003WR]
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IP Lock is FPGA logic security system which used very reliable AES encryption technology. IP properties in FPGA are protected from illegal copy ​by only including IP Lock in FPGA and connecting with encryption controller chip. more detail






Mass production support by Writer pack [IPL-003WR]

User can set and write ID key for product

Writer pack is suitable for mass production. User can write any ID key to blank encryption chip by using IP Lock write. User can set and write optional ID key for each products or lot.
Writer pack contains blank chip 3pcs. For mass production, Design Gateway provide blank chip (IPL-CHP, MOQ=100pcs). 

Blank Encryption chip IPL-CHP

Contents of Writer pack (IPL-003WR):

  • - IP Lock Writer
  • - Blank Encryption chip 3pcs
  • - USB cable
  • - CD-ROM
    • - Software for IP Lock writer (for writing ID key)
    • - IP Lock core for Altera FPGA
      IP Lock Writher IPL-003WR
    • - IP Lock core for Xilinx FPGA
    • - VHDL example source code
    • - User Manual(PDF)
  • - User Manual

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